About me


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I am not a professional photographer or a professional movie editor. I just like doing it as a hobby and share my videos and pictures with anyone who is interested.

My travels so far:

1996 Londen
1997 Italy
1998 Spain
1999 China
2000 Hongary
2001 Egypt
2002 Istanbul
2002 Mexico
2003 India/Nepal
2004 Thailand/Cambodia
2005 New York
2005 Peru
2006 Indonesia (Java/Bali/Sulawesi)
2007 South Africa/Botswana/Zimbabwe/Swaziland
2008 USA
2009 Ecuador/Galapagos
2010 Sri Lanka
2011 Guatemala/Honduras
2012 Myanmar
2013 Kenya/Tanzania
2014 Vietnam/Cambodia
2015: Argentina/Brazil/Paraguay
2016: Japan
2017: Canada
2018: China


Robbie De Clercq

Gent, Belgium

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About me

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