Beijing: National Centre for the Performing Arts

Het Nationaal Centrum voor Uitvoerende Kunsten is het meest prestigieuze operagebouw van Beijing. Het ellipsvormige gebouw is gedeeltelijk bedekt met titaniumplaten en gedeeltelijk met glas. Het gebouw wordt weerspiegeld in een vijver die het omringt.

Het bouwwerk, dat ten westen van het Plein van de Hemelse Vrede ligt, heeft drie zalen die gezamenlijk plaats bieden aan 6.500 toeschouwers. Het werd ontworpen door de Franse architect Paul Andreu. De bouw startte in december 2001. Het eerste concert werd zes jaar later gegeven.


With the Great Hall of the People to its east, the National Centre for the Performing Arts is located on Chang’an Avenue, Beijing. The NCPA, originally named National Grand Theater, was designed by French architect Paul Andrew. The main building contains three performing venues: the Opera House, the Concert Hall, and the Theater. In addition, the center has underwater corridors, an underground garage, an artificial lake and the green space. It covers an area of about 29 acres (about 12 hectares). The whole project started from December 2001. After more than 5 years’ construction, it was finally completed in September, 2007. Now it is believed to be the deepest architecture in Beijing with the deepest point being -106.6 feet (-32.5 meters), equivalent to the height of a 10-floor building. The National Centre for the Performing Arts presents a sharp contrast to its surroundings with its oval exterior, making it very eye-catching.

Symphonies, dance shows, ballets, dramas, operas and other kinds of performances are frequently staged in the National Centre of the Performing Arts. If time is allowed, you can enjoy any shows that you like. The NCPA visiting tour includes art exhibitions, thematic activities, as well as facilities. You will both appreciate the magnificent architectural style and enjoy the profound art environment of thematic exhibitions here.

The exterior of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, like a steel-structured oval shell, is an ingenious material integration of over 18,000 titanium plates and over 1,000 sheets of ultra-white glass, which creates a vivid visual effect as if the curtain is drawn apart slowly before your eyes. With the weight of 6,457 tons and the longest axis of 696 feet (212 meters), the steel-structured oval shell is the largest dome in the world at present. Surrounding the centre is a crystal-like artificial lake. By using high technology, it will not ice in winter and the algae won’t grow in it in summer either. The National Centre for the Performing Arts and its reflection in water add radiance and charm to each other. All the passages and entrances are built underwater. When you walk into the center, a layer of water is above your head, which will also give you a special felling. Around the lake is a greenbelt, which does not charge fees from visitors. People wander there to feel the valuable tranquility in a busy city.

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